IC Design
Another Country Stoneware Collection
Black Pitcher
AC-T 070-08-03
Stoneware pinch pot
8 cm dia.
26.00 CHF
AC-T 069-08-06
Stoneware mug, cream
9 cm dia., 8 cm high
28.00 CHF
Coffee Mug
Large Plate
Small Bowl
This handmade tabletop pottery collection by Ian McIntyre for Another Country imparts a natural honesty and material integrity to any table. An arrangement of these profiles invoke the spare subtle gradations of a Morandi still life. Each vessel is fired at an unconventional high temperature to give strength and a scorched color. The stoneware is pressed fettled, dipped in glaze then fired, the matte black and terracotta pieces are glazed on the interior. All of the collection is safe to use in a dishwasher, oven, convection oven, microwave or freezer. Another Country uses high-quality materials and time-honored techniques that ensure a product that will last a lifetime. The collection was nominated for Elle Decoration British Design Awards 2012. Another Country believes in good design, longevity, sustainability and quality at fair prices.

Another Country Stoneware Collection

AC-T 189-06-14
Stoneware pasta bowl, cream
19 cm dia.
66.00 CHF
AC-T 074-08-14
Stoneware pitcher, terracotta
12 cm dia., 17 cm high
95.00 CHF
AC-T 074-08-03
Stoneware pitcher, black
12 cm dia., 17 cm high
95.00 CHF
Pinch Pot
AC-T 071-08-06
Stoneware bowl, cream
16 cm dia.
40.00 CHF
AC-T 072-08-06
Stoneware dinner plate, cream
27 cm dia.
39.00 CHF
Large Bowl
AC-T 073-08-06
Stoneware side plate, cream
20 cm dia.
24.00 CHF
Small Plate
White Pitcher
AC-T 074-08-01
Stoneware pitcher, natural white
12 cm dia., 17 cm high
95.00 CHF
AC-T 075-08-06
Stoneware creamer, cream
5 cm dia., 9,5 cm high
36.00 CHF
Terracotta Pitcher
AC-T 076-08-14
Stoneware platter, terracotta
34 cm dia.
110.00 CHF
Stoneware serving dish black
24 cm dia
110.00 CHF