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Blockitecture Garden City
Blockitecture by James Paulius
Blockitecture Garden City
Painted New Zealand Pine, 20 pieces
CHF 98.00

Blockitecture Garden City small
Painted New Zealand Pine, 10 pieces
CHF 39.00
Blockitecture handpainted Blocks, 9 pieces
CHF 38.00

Blockitecture Garden City Tall
James Paulius: Brutalism, Factory & Art Deco

Build the world you want to see with Blockitecture®, a set of architectural building blocks by designer James Paulius. Cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks to create towers, cities and dwellings. Awarded first place in the RIT Metaproject 03 design competition.

Blockitecture Art Deco
10 painted blocks
CHF 39.00
Blockitecture Factory
10 painted blocks
CHF 39.00

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Blockitecture Parkland, 24 pieces
CHF 39,00
Blockitecture Tower blue, 52 blocks
CHF 68,00
Blockitecture Tower white, 52 blocks
CHF 68,00