IC Design
Cubebot small
Areaware Animalbot Elephant
AW-DWC2 (natural)
AW-DWC2M (multi)
Cubebot wooden figure, small
6.5 cm closed, 17 cm standing
29.00 CHF
AW-DWC1 (natural)
AW-DWC1M (multi)
Cubebot wooden figure, medium
9 cm closed, 24 cm standing

42.00 CHF
AW-DWC4 display
Cubebot micro display (40)
specify natural, all colors or multi
4 cm closed, 10 cm standing
40 x 14.00 CHF
animals and cubebots
Ursa The Bear wooden figure
195.00 CHF
Hattie The Elephant wooden figure
259.00 CHF
Ursa Minor wooden figure
129.00 CHF
Hanno The Gorilla wooden figure
135.00 CHF
Hanno Jr. wooden figure
22x11.x6 cm
95.00 CHF
Animalbot by David Weeks
These powerful wood frames can hold many poses, and their elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make these pets almost impervious to breakage. An enduring classic that will endure generations of play. Recipient of the Good Design Award and nominated for the German Design Award 2011.

Cubebot by David Weeks

Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries — but not this one! Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture. Made with substainably harvested wood, Cubebot's powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him impervious to breakage. When it's time for him to rest, he folds into a perfect cube. An enduring classic that will withstand generations of play. Available in 4 sizes: medium, small and micro, as well as 2 colorways: natural and multi.

Areaware Designers:

David Weeks

Harry Allen

Magnus Pettersen

Fort Standard

Jonas Damon

Paul Loebach

Johannes Molin

Ross Menuez

Karl Zahn

Pat Kim

James Paulius

Bower Studios Brooklyn

Dan Martinez

Richard McGuire

The Principals

Bryce Wilner

Carlos Ng

Michael Savona

Brendan Ravenhill

Noel Wiggins

Clara von Zweigebergk

Grain Studio

Buckminster Fuller

Susan Kare

Cubebot micro, medium & small in natur or multi.
Guthrie Cubebot
Cubebot XL
AW-DWC2G (natural)
Cubebot Guthrie, small
6.5 cm closed, 17 cm standing
30.00 CHF
Cubebot XL, 25 cm closed, 60 cm high,
30 cm wide when standing
340.00 CHF
Cubebot Micro Display Challenge,
20 Natural, 10 Julien, 10 Guthrie
Each 4 cm closed, 10 cm standing
40 x CHF 14,00
Black Ninja Cubebot
White Ninja Cubebot
Ninja Cubebot Packaging
David Weeks Cubebot Challenge
Cubebot Micro Display Ninja, 20 black/20 white
4 cm closed, 10 cm standing
40 x CHF 14.00
David Weeks Cubebot Challenge
David Weeks Cubebot Challenge
Julien           Cubot Classic          Guthrie