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Michael Savona – Harmonyware

One of Areaware’s earliest products was a wearable musical pendant, launched in the late 1980’s. It was made from a silver chiming sphere, discovered in the markets of Taxco, Mexico, a mountainside silver-working town. In late 2016, Areaware reintroduced the chiming sphere as Harmonyware, a line of jewelry newly designed by Michael Savona. Harmonyware is made in the original chiming sphere workshop in Taxco, Mexico.
Wearable musical pendant Moon
20 mm silver-plated sphere, grey cord
CHF 90.00

Wearable musical pendant Sun 
20 mm gold-plated sphere, tawny cord
CHF 90.00
Wearable musical pendant Day
20 mm ivory sphere, green cord
CHF 90.00
Wearable musical pendant Night
26 mm black sphere, navy cord
CHF 90.00

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