IC Design
Paul Loebach

Paul Loebach, descended from a long line of German woodworkers, was raised in Cincinnati amid the industrial landscape of the Midwestern U.S. Paul believes design is a semiotic language and must therefore hold a balance between the continuity of recognizable imagery and the poetic shift of innovation.
The Daruma is a traditional Japanese talisman for focusing on personal goals. Modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, it is a popular gift of encouragement. When one is received, set a goal or make a wish and fill in one eye to illustrate your intention. The other eye watches over you as a constant reminder and guide. Once your goal is reached, fill in the other eye and display the Daruma as a symbol of your success.
The Distortion Candlestick appears as though it has melted under the heat of the candle. The design process of this item involved distortion of an image of a traditional candlestick, rapid prototyping through a 3D rendering program, and then casting.

Distortion Candlestick, white
resin and marble
7.5 cm diameter at base, 25 cm high
38.00 CHF

Distortion Candlestick, black
7.5 cm diameter at base, 25 cm high
38.00 CHF
Daruma good luck charme, set of 12
beechwood, 7 cm
14.00 CHF
Distortion Candles

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