IC Design
CO-BL (black)
CO-NAT (natural)
CO-WH (white-oiled)
300.00 CHF

Copenhanger by Lise Vilslev

Copenhanger came into being because of a simple and commonly known problem in urban living; limited space. My then design partner Mathilde Møberg and I needed a coat rack or hallstand that did not occupy any floor or wall space, and we could not find anything on the market. Then I came to think of the simple, vertical coat rack from the 1960s that hung in my childhood home; its functionality was indisputable. However, this original did not meet any of our aesthetic wishes, and we decided to take matters into our own hands. Basically Copenhanger is the story about how a simple problem and a simple idea turned into a simple product where form follows function. Sustainability was a key word on all levels from the very beginning. We wanted to design a product we would love to look at for years to come, and we choose oak as the main material, partly because of its obvious beauty, partly because we can source it locally. Furthermore we wanted to keep our production close to home.

With eleven wooden pegs that spiral harmoniously down a 85 cm pole. Its suspension consists of two metres of leather cord — a length that ensures usability also in high-ceilinged rooms. Made of FSC-certified solid oak in Denmark.