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Mighty Mini Wallets and Case Cards
Airmail Mini Wallet
Made from the same material used to make express mail envelopes, the Mini Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant and stainresistant. Despite its super thin design, it is surprisingly expandable and 100% recyclable.

The super strong, lightweight, microfiber material (Tyvek®) is made of thousands of plastic fibers, 50 times smaller than a human hair. A traditional wallet doesn’t usually have the strength and durability of our cool wallets. The Mini Mighty Wallet® is simply the best small wallet to come along in years.
Mighty Mini Wallet
Airmail 17.50
Mighty Case Cards
Diamond Plate 13.00
Mighty Case Cards
Metro Card 13.00
Dynomighty Metrocard Casecards
Design: Dynomighty
Material: Tyvek (microfiber material)
Mini Wallet Dimensions: 2.75" w x 3.5" h
Case Card Dimensions: 3.75" w x 2.5" h
Explorer Case Cards
Mighty Case Cards
Explorer 13.00
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