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Man Ray (August 27, 1890 – November 18, 1976) was an American visual artist who spent most of his career in France. He was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements. He produced major works in a variety of media but considered himself a painter above all. He was best known for his photography, and he was a renowned fashion and portrait photographer. 

Cabaret Voltaire – the birth place of DADA in 1916.
Man Ray
100 years Dada
The Dada movement in Zürich began in 1916 at Cabaret Voltaire, spreading to Berlin shortly thereafter. The term anti-art, a precursor to Dada, was coined by Marcel Duchamp around 1913 when he created his first readymades. Dada, in addition to being anti-war, had political affinities with the radical left and was also anti-bourgeois. Dada activities included public gatherings, demonstrations, and publication of art/literary journals; passionate coverage of art, politics, and culture were topics often discussed in a variety of media. Man Ray, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, Francis Picabia, George Grosz, Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Hans Richter, and Max Ernst, were key figures in the movement.

Man Ray

Man Ray Chess Set

Man Ray Kuen Surface

Kleine Dada Soirée, 1922 lithograph by Theo van Doesburg with Kurt Schwitters.
Man Ray