IC Design
Velokarte "Alter ist ein dehnbarer Begriff"
CHF 7,00

TÄT TAT — Bicycle Recycling

Tät-Tat,stands for witty and distinctive Swiss design. Well thought-out, beautifully packaged and crafted with a socially responsible commitment.

Tät-Tat has specialized in designing and developing everyday articles with socially responsible manufacturing since 1994.

In collaboration with Switzerland's largest social company, Dock//Gruppe AG, we develop flexible Tät-Tat articles to be manufactured at established production sites. The articles are drafted in the Münchwilen workshop and developed and completed in the Sittertobel of St. Gallen.

The basic idea, which is to turn around a seeming weakness and make it a genuine strength, has remained the same: work is generated from the inside – work which complements the established market sensibly.


Gummi Set Steinboecke (mountain goat)
CHF 8,00
Plattfuss: 70 Gummis von Veloschläuchen D/E
CHF 6,00

Plattfuss: 70 Gummis von Veloschläuchen D/F
CHF 6,00

Tät Tat Stationery
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Tät Tat Bicycle Recycling

Tät Tat Home Accessories

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Tät Tat Literature

Gummi Set Hasen (rabbits)
CHF 8,00
Gummi Set Huehner (chickens)
CHF 8,00

Gummi Set Kueken (baby chicks)
CHF 8,00
Gummi Set Katzen (cats)
CHF 8,00