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Velokarte "Alter ist ein dehnbarer Begriff"
CHF 7,00

TÄT TAT — Bicycle Recycling

Tät-Tat, founded in 1994 near Zurich, produces playful design items that charm the eye and delight the mind. The husband and wife design team—Benedikt and Brigitta Martig-Imhof are former teachers who work hand in hand with social work programs and institutions throughout Switzerland and Germany, employing up to 300 special-needs persons. Tät-Tat designs its activities around its workforce’s best traits, and their little mobiles and decorations are very much from the hands of some highly talented people.


Gummi Set Steinboecke (mountain goat)
CHF 8,00
Plattfuss: 70 Gummis von Veloschläuchen D/E
CHF 6,00

Plattfuss: 70 Gummis von Veloschläuchen D/F
CHF 6,00

Tät Tat Stationery
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Tät Tat Bicycle Recycling

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Gummi Set Hasen (rabbits)
CHF 8,00
Gummi Set Huehner (chickens)
CHF 8,00

Gummi Set Kueken (baby chicks)
CHF 8,00
Gummi Set Katzen (cats)
CHF 8,00