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American graphic designer of Hungarian descent, Tibor Kalman died in 1999, at the age of 50 leaving an important body of design work. As a graphic designer, Kalman felt a social and ethical responsibility to use mass communication as a means of righting wrongs. His views led him to become editor-in-chief of Colors magazine, a Benetton publication with a provocative social world message aired through the fashion industry. The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) awarded him their medal in 1999 and in their tribute to Kalman, wrote: “Of the two names that changed design in the ’80s and ’90s—Mac and Tibor—one changed the way we work, the other the way we think. The former is a tool, the latter was our conscience."

In the midst of this activism was Kalman's design company M&Co., founded in 1979 and named after his wife Maira. Kalman's product designs for M&Co. often had an element of Kalman's world views, besides being graphically significant. One of these works was Global Alphabet Blocks in which different world alphabet scripts were printed on the sides of the cubes. It was an assertion of the cohesion of humanity through the graphic representation of language, taking the form of a familiar and educational toy, but presenting it in a way no one had done before. More than ever, this object is relevant; the scripts represent the languages used in many of the world's spots of conflict and contention today.

This re-edition of the Tibor Kalman global alphabet blocks is made in the USA of solid birch wood. Comes with a copy of the original insert designed by Tibor Kalman explaining why he created this set and how to spell some sample words. 30 cubes in wooden tray. Alphabets in Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese Hiragana scripts.

“Five World Alphabets” Global Alphabet Blocks

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Tibor Kalman
Tibor Kalman Blocks