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Trapeze Lamp
Trapeze: a revolution in lighting ignited by LED technology and movement. The Trapeze LED light balances the performance demands of a workspace with a sense of playfulness. Uninhibited in its 3-axis range of motion, the counterweighted design achieves fluid, sweeping movement in every possible direction, positioning light precisely where it is needed. Ultra-thin flat-panel LED technology illuminates large areas with brilliant, perfectly even warm light.

Trapeze LED Lamps

Design Peter Stathis, 2010
Materials: aluminum, steel, iron, ABS

Trapeze( small) :
variable height 23.8 - 70.7 cm,
variable length 29.4 - 75.2 cm,
diameter of the diffuser 15.8 cm,
weight 2.2 kg
Price: 420.00 CHF

Trapeze (large):
variable height 23.8 - 87 cm,
variable length 62 - 99.3 cm,
diameter of the diffuser 15.8 cm,
weight 4.3 kg
Price: 490.00 CHF

Trapeze Floor
height: 140 cm
width: 75 cm
Price: 490.00 CHF

Light source: 102 LED array with an expected life of 25 years.
Light output: 18 to 380 lumens.
Power consumption: 8W

Download Trapeze Product Catalogue.
TRAPEZE LED Table Light - large, white
Price: 490.00 CHF
TRAPEZE LED Table Light - small, dark grey
420.00 CHF
LC-TRFG (dark grey)
LC-TRFW (white)
LC-TRFO (orange
Trapeze LED floor lamp
490.00 CHF
TRAPEZE LED Floor Lamp- orange

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