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Vilt Van Veer Trivet
Wool Trivet
20 x 20 cm
39.00 CHF

About Vilt Van Ver (Felt From Far)

In February 2013, Vilt Van Ver went searching for the roots of the felt balls. These roots begin in the country from which its greatest export product is wool: New Zealand. From New Zealand wool is shipped to Nepal where it is dyed and eventually arrives in Kathmandu where it is manufactured into felt. The dyed wool is rolled up into a tight ball. The ball is placed in a bucket wiith warm water and soap. The water and soap causes the wool fiber is felting. The balls are squeezed, rubbed and rolled with a shelf until they have the right size and shape. Since the balls are full with water, they are dried in a centrifuge. In Kathmandu it is cranked by hand every day because they have to deal here with blackouts. At this location in Kathmandu they only have power for two hours a day. After centrifugation, the balls are placed on the roof of the workplace where they can further dry under the Nepalese sun (as long as it is dry!). Once the balls are completely dry, they are strung together to form a coaster or trivet. All in all, an incredibly time-consuming process. A process that consists out of 100% handwork with the result that each coaster and trivet is unique.Vilt Van Ver cooperates with a Nepalese organization which offers fair wages and conditions and only employs women. This organization therefore creates the opportunity for women to be financially independent. Which is not obviously in Nepal.

Glasuntersetzer Wolle
10 x 10 cm
CHF 18.50


Trivet, earthtones
20 x 20 cm
CHF 39.00
Trivet Natural
Trivet pastels
20 x 20 cm
CHF 39.00
Trivet Pastel