IC Design
Etch Clock
16" x 16", weight 13.5 lbs
110-220 V ~10W, App for iOS & Android
Coated aluminum frame & elastomer elastic surface with protective glass
Swiss Design & Technology, produced by hand in Lugano, Switzerland
CHF 1750.00

ETCH Clock – the transcience of time as an art object

Thanks to it's elastic membrane time comes and vanishes again in a fluid, gradual transition between display and smooth surface. This happens in intervals of 30 seconds, i.e. the same time appears twice, before moving on to the next minute. The objective of ETCH is to make the viewer more aware of the importance and trancience of time. Time escapes as sand between one's fingers and each moment of our lives is important.

Hidden behind the membrane are 4 numbers, each consisting of 7 segments, which with individual valves can either be shown or left smooth. A built-in air pump creates a vacuum. Also built in is a microphone, which detects sound and activates the clock – if it is quiet the clock display "sleeps". The ETCH Clock has something magical about it. It surprises and at the same time is calming, almost hypnotic; the ETCH Clock display doesn't just have a 3D effect, but is an actual 3D presentation of time.

ETCH Clock was designed and is now made to a large extent by hand in Switzerland by Johnny Vaccaro und Gilles Caprari, two ETH Zurich graduates (the equivalent of the US MIT). The highly innovative ETCH Clock is the result of a development over the last few years.

ETCH can be placed on a table or wall-mounted.


Etch Clock
Etch Clock