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Samuel Wilkinson 

Samuel Wilkinson’s commitment and enthusiasm to designing interesting objects and spaces is apparent in his work, always looking to add a fresh dynamic approach in either form or function. His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing helps the studio push the boundaries in achieving a high level of detail and craftsmanship in their output. Their work diversifies across various disciplines from consumer products to interiors to public realm.

Samuel Wilkinson graduated in furniture and related product design at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in 2002. While at Ravensbourne Wilkinson won several design awards, including the RSA award and D&AD New Blood.

He went straight into employment working for leading consultancies such as Tangerine, Fitch:London, PearsonLloyd, and Conran. During these years he worked on various award winning projects for leading clients such as British Airways, Audi, LG, Samsung, and Virgin Airways.

Samuel Wilkinson + BEEM

Beem’s modern, nuanced and graphic bulb design is a collaboration between Samuel Wilkinson and experienced lighting entrepreneurs Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra. Designed to be endlessly configurable and engineered to emit a warm glow rather than a stark glare.

Smile is a distinct, graphic and contemporary glass bar of light fitted with a flexible filament attached to a ceramic base. The line features 3 shapes: a straight line, a U shape and a smile-like upward curve. Hidden inside is a feature that allows 120 degrees of movement, enabling the lamps to be easily adjusted and lined up with surrounding bulbs.

Curli is a swirl of light that takes its formal inspiration from the calligraphic flourish of the curlicue to create a continuous asymmetric coil that twists up and around the bulb holder.