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Perpetua Lumina - Recycled Graphite Pencils - Glow in the dark


  • SFr. 9.50


Made in Italy of 80 % recycled industrial waste material.

No wood needed and no trees felled.

Perpetua pencil is a triumph in ecological and durable design, and gives a new face to "green". The Perpetua lacks the fragility of traditional graphite pencils, and with its resilient formula it can be dropped or knocked about without a high risk or breakage making it suitable to be used by all ages.

Food-grade coloured eraser which attracts and retains sunlight (or artificial light) and then returns it in the dark with a gradually waning intensity, spreading a charming and magical fluorescent light in the exclusive blue or green colors. 

Perpetua can be sharpened with a standard sharpener but also writes without sharpening.

Standard graphite pencils write 56 km, Perpetua will write for 1120 km!

2 colours available, packaged in units of 11 pieces.

The packaging of Perpetua Lumina is made of FSC 400g Curious Metallics cardboard produced by AirJowiggings for a luminous effect.

Display available for instore presentation.

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