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Nedre Foss - Sirkel Tealight Holder

Nedre Foss

  • SFr. 50.00

Previously SFr. 75.00 - Sale SFr. 50.00

Designer: Anderssen & Voll

Weighted mouthblown glass tealight holders

Translucent colored glass·

Suitable for 1.5” and 2.3” tealights

100mm Ø / 51mm H

Sirkel plays with the main properties of glass: tranparency, light and color. The idea of Sirkel is to create a dramatic and dynamic range of thickness throughout the object - leaving the thinner walls of the bottom corpus close to transparent and turn the top part into thicker, massive ring of solid color – seemingly floating above the table top. This effect couldn’t be acheived by color spray coated glass - the only way was to create solid colored glass. It took three years to find the proper glassblower for this complex and specific production. 

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