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Banshu Hamono - Mekiri Bonsai Scissors

  • SFr. 195.00

Banshu Hamono evolved from a family business of blacksmiths to a project of a young couple wishing to keep alive the old art of Katana craft in the Banshu region of Japan. Each piece is made by hand by skilled craftsmen using the same techniques that have been employed for generations.

Mekiri bonsai scissors are a multi-purpose type of scissor used for trimming slightly thicker branches. Most suitable for cutting small branches from bonsai and fruit trees. The blades are set at an acute angle in order to cut flowers with out crushing the plant fiber which allows flowers to absorb water easily and live longer. 

The scissors are wrapped in Japanese textile and packaged in a washi paper gift box.

17.75 cm long

Handmade in Japan

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