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Studio Cheha - Ziggi Floor Lamp

Studio Cheha

  • SFr. 400.00


The By Bulbing Floor Collection


This visually surprising flat LED lamp is composed of an acrylic sheet which is laser engraved and covered with dozens of intricate incised lines that suggest dimensionality. LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion that challenges our comprehension of space. Mitigating the complexity of concept and construction with a minimalist, universally understood form, the By Bulbing Lamp adds artistry, interest, and the gentle glow of ambient light to any room.

Exercise your parietal lobe and save space with this truly unique design.

Design by Nir Josef Chehanowski

149 h x 52 cm w

1.6 m white cord + dimmer

Birch Plywood, acrylic glass, LED (50,000 hour lifespan) 

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