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SUBU - Fall & Winter Slippers


  • SFr. 59.00

Available in 3 colors and 4 sizes 

SUBU stands for the Japanese culture of taking off a pair of shoes at the entrance to a home.

SUBU offers a well designed & stylish shoe which is easy to put on, can be worn inside and outside, is warm and very comfortable. 

SUBU is like a down jacket for the feet.

SUBU is made of nylon with a Teflon water repellent coating, filled with synthetic downs for warmth and comfort. Rubber sole for non-slip use outside. A uniquely shaped inner sole gives firm and yet cushioned comfort and a very good balance. Each pair is available in a textile drawstring bag for practical storage & travel.

SUBU can be machine washed in gentle cycle with soft detergent.

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