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tät-tat “Faux Amis” Notepad Block

  • SFr. 18.00



Packaging unit for resellers : 6 pieces 

Notepad with funny translations for all francophones among us!

False friends are two words from different languages that look alike but differ in meaning. Language learners who rely on similarity too much may now and then produce humour where none was intended.

For example:

Incorrect: Les toilettes de cette gare sont désolées. (untröstlich, sad)

Correct: Les toilettes de cette gare sont lamentables. (desolat, desolate)

high quality notepad with 450 sheets
Interspersed with 22 mismatches on colorful paper
(Français & Allemand) 

Design: Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof

Editor: Sabrina Alonso

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