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Toff & Zürpel Manufaktur

Toff & Zürpel Manufaktur - Household Soap

Toff & Zürpel Manufaktur - Household Soap

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The household soap crafted by Toff & Zürpel is made using the cold process method. It ensures the best care of the beeswax wrap for many years. It is a good cleanser while at the same time gives the essential oils back to the wrap so that they don't dry out and beccome brittle. The ingredients are carefully sourced and consist of natural olive oil, beeswax, resin and faire trade coconut oil.

The soap can also be used to clean and care for surfaces such as stainless steel, wood and ceramics.

The soap is handmade by Toff & Zürpel. 

To keep the soap ready for use, place it into the beautiful soap dish made of unfinished ceramic. The notch in the dish permits water to run off and allows the soap to dry instead of staying moist on its bottom.



natural olive oil
faire trade coconut oil


50 gr

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