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Beppu Bamboo - Flower Vase

  • SFr. 475.00


The Beppu Bamboo flower vases demonstrate a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary production techniques. A woven cylinder of bamboo, made using traditional weaving techniques of the Beppu region of Japan, is perfectly encased in a rectangular vase of clear high-density acrylic. 

Each vase is designed and made by a different Beppu craftsperson.

Bamboo is one of Japan's most characteristic plants. Of the 1,250 known types of bamboo in the world, 626 can be found in Japan. Beppu bamboo craft goes back as early as to the Muromachi Period (1336-1573).

High-density acrylic and bamboo

79mm x 79mm x 160mm

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