Keep your feet protected in all weather conditions

Keep your feet dry and protected with our sustainable rain boots from Pokeboo. As well as warm and cozy with our winter sandals from SUBU. The stylish & flexible design makes them perfect for indoor & outdoor wear, everyday use as well as on week-end trips.

SUBU Foldable Winter Sandal - Packable Collection

The Packable Collection winter sandals from SUBU take up half the space of the regular SUBU and come in a stylish bag to support your adventurous spirit. Made from durable and water-repellent ripstop nylon, they're ready to see you through drizzle and unforgettable times.

SUBU Nannen collection winter sandal

The Nannen shoe from SUBU, made from flame-retardant Cordura 305D fabric, is ideal for camping and indoor activities. The SUBU winter sandals, inspired by Japanese tradition, offer warmth and comfort like a down jacket even when worn barefoot in the cold. They are characterised by their elevated inner material and a four-layer insole.

SUBU Permanent winter sandal

In Japan, where sandals are more than just shoes, a centuries-old tradition and symbol of freedom, the unique autumn and winter sandals from SUBU were born. They offer the warmth of a down jacket even when worn without socks in cold weather.

Pokeboo - Boots - Foldable rubber boots

The foldable and lightweight rubber boots by Pokeboo from Japan are made of natural rubber, offer excellent water resistance and a comfortable "barefoot" feel. They can be attached to backpacks with their carrier bag thanks to the carabiner and are ideal for outdoor activities. Honoured with the Good Design Award 2018, they are stylish and reliable in bad weather.