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Mate Mono

Mate Mono - Tekasho shiny shoulder bag

Mate Mono - Tekasho shiny shoulder bag

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Japanese textile innovation, upcycling, no waste, low energy consumption & latest fashion design

Mate Mono has created a bag that has just the right amount of elegance and can be used for both formal and casual occasions.
Shiny luster and plump silhouette. It has a drawstring closure that can be opened and closed with an internal drawstring, and the inside of the bag and the back of the handle that touches the skin are made of shantung fabric that is soft to the touch before being filmed.
In addition, double raschel (thick mesh fabric) is built into the main body and handle as cushioning material.
The shoulder type is recommended not only to be worn over the shoulder, but also to be used by tying the handle. The large knot transforms it into a small tote bag with a charm point.

The shantung material, originally used for dresses and dresses, has been processed with a film to create a synthetic leather material that shines brightly. The world of fashion is influenced by trends, so sometimes there is surplus fabric, but the unique texture that stands out from under the film processing has also become a flavor. The attractive luster becomes even more attractive when you squeeze the opening of the purse.

Care instructions:

Spot clean as needed


100 % polyester reclaimed from textile industry (surface polyurethane laminate)


10 x 22 x 26 cm, handle 105 cm/7 cm wide, drawstring 44cm long

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