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Pokeboo - rubber boots royal blue

  • SFr. 95.00

These lightweight and compact portable boots are made of natural rubber to ensure excellent water-resistance and an easily foldable construction.

Natural rubber stretches to ensure a perfect fit and gives a comfortable "barefoot" feeling.

The boots are stored in the included carrying case which features a carabiner to attach to backpacks, etc.

Winner of the 2018 Good Design Award, Pokeboo packable rubber boots are perfect for use in all kinds of outdoor settings and activities - bicycling, klimbing or fishing. They provide great backup in case of sudden rainstorms or other inclement weather, making these boots a stylish and reliable option for the urban trecker.

Pokeboo boots are expertly made through skilled craftsmenship from processing of the natural rubber to the sewing of the boots. No child labor is involved.

Made of natural rubber in Thailand.

Sizes: SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L

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