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Furoshiki Textiles - Hyotan

Furoshiki Textiles - Hyotan

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The Japanese Art of Wrapping


Furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths used for wrapping objects. They are the answer to one time packaging. It is the easy, sustainable and  stylish way to replace disposable bags, paper gift wrap, and even handbags. Mashu Furoshiki is being produced by Baba-sen Factory, an old textile printing company in Kyoto who has kept the tradition of Furoshiki going since 1913. Natural dyes, superior woven cotton cloth and hand screen printing give the textiles its beauty and superior quality. 

The ancient art of furoshiki wrapping goes back to the Nara period but is still very alive in Japan today. It has a place in modern Western style living as well. The ties in furoshiki represent the ties between people and using furoshiki to wrap things, is a way of presenting our feelings, making furoshiki a beautiful way to communicate.

Ideas for using a furoshiki textile:

- for wrapping a present

- for carrying a lunch

- for decorating the interior of a room, as a table runner or textile over the sofa

- for using as a cushion cover (simply wrap, no need for a sewing machine)

- for wearing as a chic scarf or tie

Made in Kyoto Japan

Other Furoshiki patterns available.


Screen printed cotton


71 cm x 73 cm

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