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Mate Mono

Mate Mono - Stretchy bag

Mate Mono - Stretchy bag

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mate mono

Machine knitted bag with soft pleats creates no material waste during production.

Crafted using a special knitting machine, this handbag intricately weaves Komatsu Materre's proprietary yarn, into a captivating bag. During the dyeing process, the material undergoes shrinking, resulting in condensed fibers that create a unique and appealing texture. The charming shape and tile pattern are born from this distinctive manufacturing technique, offering a delightful touch, akin to the softness of short peach fuzz on the skin, thanks to the use of special threads and processing techniques. To enhance its appeal, the handbag boasts a unique handle and stylish tile pattern as accents. Unlike products that generate waste during the cutting process, this eco-friendly method ensures no wastage of resources, making it an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious.


93 % nylon, 7 % polyurethane


34 cm x 50 cm

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